Today we took a leap of faith.

We wired across 95% of the remaining payment ($8,000USD) to our friends the Chinese city of Jinan with a population of 7mil. Basically a country town over there.

These guys now have a fair whack of our cash, so I’ve asked for as many photos and details as possible. I even got our contact, Alice, to film the unit working.

I think it looks pretty good!

They’ve also created an instruction manual, which is a little light on detail and the Queens English. I’m hoping once the unit arrives we’ll be able to work it out… How hard can it be?

From here it is driven to the ports and I get the shipping details which I pass it along to our freight forwarder here in Sydney. It then gets trucked up to Bucketty.

It SHOULD be pretty straightforward.

Last month a bunch of good mates helped me get the new roof on the old shed and plumbed in the 23,000L tank, so we can catch water for the hops (which are going well) as well as brewing (of course).

Before the brewery arrives, all I need to do is get the walls on and work out how we’re gonna get the 1-tonne box off the truck without a forklift because the truck doesn’t have a crane… I’m sure we’ll work it out. Egyptian principles may need to come into play.

Oh, and Lexi is due to go into labour with our first kid any moment. She’s due right now!

Exciting times ahead indeed.

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