We’re still here. 

And we’re more determined to make Bucketty’s Brewery a reality than ever. 

“Grit and perseverance – without them nothing worthwhile was ever achieved”  That’s probably a famous quote from someone important and inspirational, but I also just made it up. Because grit and perseverance are what we’re about. 

Since my last post, when our dreams were crushed by Cessnock council, we went through a series of emotions. 

Anger – “Like what the hell, neighbours, council, state government. Why be haters?”

Relief – “Well at least we don’t need to work out how the hell we were gonna build this architectural masterpiece while finding enough power and water to brew the beer, then hope that people would actually come and drink it with us.”

Contemplation – “But it would have been awesome. Hard? Yes, but worth it? YES. Damn it…”

Curiosity – “There must be a way. If we went back to the drawing board and re-wrote the plan based on what we know now, what would that look like?”

Determination – “I reckon we can do this…. Let’s f#cking do this!” 

One thing we’ve learned since our dreams were crushed like an aluminum can from back in 1990 when you could get cash for empty cans that weren’t in pristine condition and we paid as actual money instead of a shopping voucher to a duopoly conglomerate with no soul….is that we can’t brew beer outside an industrial area until councils fix up the issues with the zoning, which will likely take years. We can sell beer in Bucketty, we just can’t brew it there.

We considered renting a small industrial unit in Somersby about 30mins down the road to do the brewing. But… meh… splitting the operation like that would add even more cost and complexity as well as soaking up a lot of the fun. 

Then we struck a winner. We’ll join the evolving Brookvale brewery mecca on Sydney’s Northern Beaches! 

We’ve lived on the beaches for the past 12 years and have built up an incredible community of friends. Not only that, my experience getting to know brewers in the area has been incredible. Almost all have rolled out the red carpet to help become part of the scene (love it!).

To give you an idea of what I mean, before we submitted an offer on the property I called Dave, from Dad & Dave’s Brewing. Their brewery and tap room will shortly be directly across the road, and I asked if he minded if we set up so close. His response was complete enthusiasm! He even offered to share the cost of consultants as part of the DA process. Where else does that happen but the craft beer industry? Bloody nowhere. 

Granted this is a massive pivot, but what if we brought the chilled out bush vibe to the beaches? I reckon that’d go pretty well, and there’s only one way to find out. Jump in and start paddling.

So after months of deliberations and planning we’re excited to confirm we’re going for it.

We’re opening a brewery and tap room in Brookvale!

Just this past week we agreed terms on a freestanding industrial building only a block from 7th Day Brewery, 4 Pines Truck Bar and Nomads. It’s an awesome space with a bit of outdoor area and room for 120 patrons (if all goes well with licensing!).  

The house of future dreams! 

It’s not the original idea of brewing in the bush, but it’s still gonna be sick! 

We’ll be creating delicious amber nectar on a shiny new 10HL system, with most of the beer sold over the bar in Brookvale and eventually at a newly built venue in Bucketty (if council let us, which they’ve said they would!). 

The wild ride to opening our own brewery continues (phew!).  

Get ready for the blog posts and social pages to spark back up now that we have some direction, we’ll be taking you through each stage of the journey, just like before, until the moment our first customers walk through the door and we share a beautifully hopped, crisp, fresh brew for the first time.

Check out the new digs.

Roger considering the awesomeness of the outdoor space at the rear. 


The toys aren’t included unfortunately 

Here we coooooooooome Brookvale! 

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