I love our logo. 

It cost $199 from DesignCrowd, having risen to the top from 100 different alternatives.

Here’s a few examples of the rejects:

I love the logo so much I went and got hats and t-shirts printed, even though we didn’t have anyone to wear them…

Asher and I representing

But then my arty architecture mate, Juls, with a Mrs who specialises in design and branding said something to me over a beer. 

“Your logo sucks… What’s with the mountain? You look like you’re in Colorado… sorry. It’s shit. You need help with your branding.

What’s that Mick Fanning beer? Those guys know how to do branding”

(Soooo… you don’t know the name of the beer, but you want to tell me how great their branding is? It’s Balter, and I agree they do it well. )

Fortunately I’d been practicing mindfulness over the past month and recognised my elevating blood pressure, resisting my initial urge to tell him to f#ck off, and with that , I changed the subject. 

Juls then got in Lexi’s ear, poisoning her love on the mountain logo, which is a silhouette of Mount Yengo visible from the top of the ridge in Bucketty. 

Mt Yengo from the top of our ridge line

So we discussed, and eventually agreed that a rebrand was worth exploring considering our pivot to Brookvale. 

I loosely knew the guys that did the James Squire branding a few years ago, so reached out to see if they could help. ExtraBlack are located in Surrey Hills, within a trendy industrial conversion. True to their name, everyone in the office was dressed in skin tight black clothing, probably from France or Italy or somewhere trendy like that. The place was so chic they even had black pot plants. 

We sat down and I told them our story. Engaged and excited about the opportunity to work on an artisan project like us, they promised to come back with a full scope of work and pricing. Leaving the meeting I was enthusiastic, but equally skeptical we’d be able to afford such an upmarket service. There’s a big difference between a $199 logo and an entire branding exercise with (what I assume) is one of the more prominent branding houses in Sydney. 

The scope came through, with a convoluted pricing structure. $20k for concepts, $10k for artwork, $15% for original files (I’m making these figures up). But all in all it worked out to about $60k for what we wanted, which was: 

  • Logo & branding
  • Can design
  • Case design
  • Tap design

$60k.. and I don’t even think that included the design files. I could buy 3 giant fermenters for that! Were we getting a Lambo mechanic to tune up our Corolla? Kinda felt that way. So we politely declined the offer on the basis we didn’t have that much money to invest in branding, and thought that’d be the end of it. 

To my surprise, I received a call asking what we’d be happy with. I responded with something along the lines of: 

“If we can get 3 concepts to choose from, to include a logo, can design, case design and tap design with all the original artworks for $x,xxx, then we’ll do it, but I don’t want any of these asterisks or trailing fees or anything” 

($x,xxx was a tiny fraction of the original quote, I’m omitting the figure out of respect and not wanting to devalue their work for future clients). 

I thought that’d be the end of it, but sure enough they replied within a day and said they’d do it! 

So Bucketty’s Brewery is getting a rebrand. We’re keeping the name and the bushy vibe, while bringing the logo and overall design into alignment. Once it’s complete we’ll at least look like we know what we’re doing (hopefully!) 

We’ll have a sneak peak available soon I reckon. 

In other news – We’re still going through the DA process, which is dragging on with council (who would have thought!). We’re also continuing to hold off signing the lease until we see clearer skies ahead, which we think are gradually emerging in the distance. 

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