In this crazy new world, we’re maintaining our commitment to building an incredible brewery & venue, whatever it takes!

The Bucketty’s Brewery dream will only become reality once we’ve built a close, hardworking and innovative team to help us.

Right now we’re focused on getting our DA over the line in Brookvale, but there’s also an opportunity to help build and create a venue in Bucketty, or even a short term pop-up venue while rents are cheap and the world is full of uncertainty.

Would you like to come on this adventure with us and be our first venue manager?

Job ad below, we hope to hear from you soon!


You love a good time and helping others see the upside of life
You’re experienced in making stuff happen and enjoy the toil involved reaching a hard earned goal. Those in your circle look to you for guidance and direction. They admire the way in which you’re able to work your nuts off while keeping a smile on your face.

Would you like to start a brewery with us?

My wife and I recently bought a block of land in the little-known suburb of Bucketty, about an hour north of Sydney, on the southern rim of the Hunter Valley.

There’s heaps of amazing, untouched bush, a remarkable local community and I hope to establish a brewery and be pouring the first beer within the next two years.

During that time I’ll walk you through the entire journey through our blog.

Have you ever said these words after 6 schooners?

We should start a brewery!

 You also need to be up for, and have experience in:

  • Leading, inspiring and managing a team.
  • Working on your feet – full time.
  • Hiring, training and maintaining motivation with hospo staff.
  • Politely dealing with drunk dickheads and moving them along.
  • Drinking a lot of craft beer.
  • Doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

If you think you’ve got the grit and experience to venture into a startup brewery and add your own flavour to the venue, please get in touch with me on nick@buckettys.com.au or 0414 803 717

26 Orchard Road, Brookvale