The first hops are in! 

I recently bought 20 rhizomes off a bloke named Aaron, user name AJ80 on the Aussie Home Brewer Forum. 

10x Mt Hood, described as "They're a wonderful hop to brew with, delicate, but just lovely. Not as punchy as cascade, Chinook, etc."

And 10x Wild Canterbury Goldings "The Canterbury goldings are also quite intriguing - an earthy, yet lemony vibe."

The plan is to plant a few different varieties so we can experiment with flavours. 

I'm really keen to brew the hops fresh off the bine in what's known as a "wet hopped" beer. Which doesn't sound particularly delicious... "fresh hopped" better?

 Aaron's tips for planting: 

"I loosened the soil to about 50cm deep and about 50cm wide and then worked through about 10kg of composted manure. Bury the rhizome in a furrow about 5-10cm deep and cover over. Give the whole thing a decent covering of straw mulch and you're pretty much set.

I sprinkle over some liquid seasol every two-three weeks once growth has kicked off, but stop this once the flowers form. Hope this helps!"

They arrived in an express post satchel, I then kept them in the fridge for a couple of weeks. 

Then chucked them in the ground with the bulbs pointing up. 

I'm lucky because the property already had beds and an irrigation system in place.

Saves a whole lotta digging! 


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