Ok, it’s time to get serious. Let’s buy our first piece of legitimate brewery tech.

The pilot brewery.

The problem with regular home brew setups is their susceptible to margins of error. If temperature drops slightly without you noticing, then there is a chance the flavour of your brew will change, and if you can’t replicate the world’s greatest beer ever brewed, then go and brew something that tastes completely different, and call it “Tribute”.


Shinny stainless steel with mechanical valves and a control panel. That’s what I need!

If nothing more, we’ll at least look like we know what we’re doing.

On a recent trip to the hop farms in VIC (I’ll tell you about that in another post) our new mate from Yellingbo Brewery introduced us to the all American Brew-Tek 50L Nanobrewery option.

A 3 tier brewing structure worthy of the museum of contemporary art. This gas powered bad boy does the trick for $3kUSD, plus shipping. 50L fermenters are about $1k each so all up we’re looking at circa $5k USD.

Not bad I guess…

However. I don’t have gas on the property, and I don’t like the idea of having to rely on LPG gas bottles.

What about China?

We love China don’t we. How the hell do they make stuff so damn cheap? Child labour? I bloody hope not… anyway.

I’m in the process of getting quotes from a few suppliers through Alibaba and will update y’all as soon as I have more.

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